Press Clippings

Here are a few select press clippings from some of Pasquale Tallarico’s performances.

Playing the MacDowell Concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Pasquale Tallarico is an artist of distinct quality who demonstrated without question the right to the honor accorded him. He has pianistic talent of the first rank, a firm grasp of the meaning of the music, poetic, imaginative, and with the personal quality which is always the vital thing in art. His tone was always beautiful. – Karleton Hackett, Chicago Evening Post

Playing the Weber Concertstuck under Leopold Stokowski in Philadelphia
Pasquale Tallarico proved himself a virtuoso of substantial worth whose natural endowments are very high. Mr Tallarico is not 21 years old, but his technique is sound and assured, his touch crystal clear, and his artistic methods are reinforced by rich temperamental assets. – Philadelphia North American

Playing the Schumann A minor Concerto with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under Carl Pohlig
Remarkable mastery of the piano by the soloist, Pasquale Tallarico. Such clear technique and effortless crispness of finsh, combined with a poetic phrasing and modulation one seldom hears – Every Evening

Playing with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Pasquale Tallarico established himself as an artist of genuine power and charm. The young player achieved a degree of power and fervor which took possession of the audience, and with the completion of the final movement, in which a rarely beautiful scheme of ornamentation was developed, the young artist all but brought the audience to its feet. There has been more than one complete season during which no “musical moment” of such intensity has been created at the Odeon. –Louis Dodge, St. Louis Republic

He invested a the Beethoven with a singular clarity, and as for the Liszt, his rendition was of the singing, buoyant, brilliant kind in which the resilient pulse throb and bright color of the work were brought out to the full. He presented it with a virility almost uncanny – arousing his listeners to an ovational pitch of excitement by his performance. –St. Louis Globe Democrat

Extraordinary musical talent. – Chicago Examiner

Pasquale Tallarico received a tremendous and well deserved ovaton at the end of his interpretation of the MacDowell Concerto, which he gave with a rare degree of fire, smoothness and power. – Los Angeles Times

At the conclusion of the concerto, there was a storm of applause which was more insistent than that in which Indianapolis audiences generally indulge unless they are greeting a recognized idol. – Indianapolis Star